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Basic Beauty Therapy Course

In this particular beauty therapy course, trainees will obtain a complete knowledge of the beauty therapies and protocols. And they will also get the skills set to be a successful beauty therapist.

Here at ISAS International Beauty School, basic beauty therapy courses are planned in a way so that trainees can learn beauty care principles & ethics through this course. We have laboratory sessions as well and live training sessions.

We teach them everything to get them prepared to meet the requirements of becoming a professional beauty therapist or cosmetologists (Beauty therapists are also recognized as cosmetologists).

Why Choose ISAS for Basic Beauty Therapy Course

Diploma coursework combines practical and theoretical study. Lecture topics include depilation, day to night makeup, body massages, facial treatments, manicures, and pedicures. Students also gain business and marketing skills.

In Basic beauty therapy program, participants can practice in live sessions which they learn during the internships at our centers.

And all these things combined ensure their success.

Core Topics of Beauty Therapy Program Comprise

  • Intense cleansing and mask therapies
  • Eyelash & Eyebrow shades
  • Traditional massage techniques
  • Aromatherapies
  • Facial massage

What Makes ISAS Unique

  • We build on the foundation of basic cosmetology knowledge physiology and anatomy is two main pillars of basic beauty program.
  • This specific course covers general facial care assistance, like makeup applying, facial treatments, etc. Participants also learn to condition and style the hair properly.
  • We focus on more and more live training sessions.
  • Our Beauty Therapy program is respectable in the industry as we are the ultimate destination in beauty therapy courses.

To get enrolled in this beauty therapy program you do not need to have any prior knowledge of cosmetology.

Our expert trainers at ISAS International Beauty School have years of experience in this fielded; they are not only passionate for beauty therapies but also assisting each participant to achieve their target.

Course Content :

  • Cells & tissues
  • Skin Structure
  • Function & types of Skin
  • Muscular System
  • Skeleton System
  • Facial muscles
  • Skin Analysis
  • Skin Disorders
  • Nail Structure
  • Manicure/ Pedicure
  • Threading
  • Waxing


Duration: 2 Months

  • Bleaching
  • Nail diseases & Disorders
  • Theory of Massage
  • Electrology
  • Professional Ethics
  • Communication Skills
  • Cleanup
  • Facials
  • Mask & Packs
  • Health & Safety
  • Hygiene & Sanitization
  • Personal Grooming


Certificate Course in Beauty Therapy

Course Content :

  • Personal grooming and hygiene
  • Health and safety
  • Professional ethics
  • Cytology (cells and tissue)
  • Skin structure
  • Types and functions of skin
  • Ph level of skin
  • Skin disease and disorder
  • Skin analysis
  • Bones and muscles of face

Duration: 2 Months

  • Nail structure
  • Nail disease and disorder
  • Theory of massage
  • Threading
  • Waxing (Demo + 5 Practical )
  • Manicure (Demo + 5 Practical )
  • Pedicure (Demo + 5 Practical )
  • Bleach (2 each)
  • Brushing unit (Theory and Demo)
  • Clean up (Demo + 6 Practical)
  • Facials (Demo + 7 Practical )
  • Thermo herb facial (Demo + 3 Practical)
  • Fruit facial (1 Practical)

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