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Certificate course in diet and nutrition

Course Duration : 3 Months

This course covers the fundamental aspects of nutrition and food. It give you the detail knowledge about how food gets absorbed and utilized in our body to perform optimum task in our lives . And also the study of nutritional disorders.
Eligibility:12th /A level certificate.

1 Foods nutrition and health
2 Digestion absorption and utilization
3 Recommended dietary allowance for nutrients
4 Carbohydrate
5 Fats and lipids
6 Protein and amino acids
7 Energy metabolism
8 Vitamins and minerals
9 Water‐Soluble Vitamins
10 Major and Trace Minerals
11 Water fluid electrolytes salt ACID BASE
12 Disorders of Nutrition
13 Food guides for selectiing adequate diet
14 Meal planning for family
15 Meal planning for various age groups
16 Indian meal pattern Veg non‐Veg
17 Food selection purchase and storage
18 Food preparation
29 Effect of Preparation on Food Components
20 Factors Affecting Food Acceptance
21 Food Sanitation and Hygiene
22 Adaptation of Normal Diet for Changing Needs

• Weight Management Consultant.
• Sports Nutritionist.
• Spa Consultant.
• Corporate Nutritional Consultant.
• Healthy Eating Instructor.
• Clinical Nutritionist.