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Cidesco – Diploma in Beauty & Spa Management

The object of this course is to provide applicants the essential knowledge, to make them capable of administering the business fruitfully and dynamically and for that crucial managerial abilities and methods are needed. The Diploma in Beauty and Spa Management is aimed to offer applicants a more comprehensive general knowledge of managing every perspective in a Spa & Beauty salon environment.


The Diploma in Beauty & Spa Management is accessible to every individual wishing to acquire a thorough understanding of the administration in the Beauty and Spa Industry. No prior education in Beauty or Spa field is required to get admission in this diploma program, the knowledge of the Beauty and Spa management will provide a broad range of advantages, though.


All Applicants yearning to take the Diploma in Beauty and Spa Administration at ISAS Beauty School will conduct the practice of at least three hundred (300) working hours at our work locations, comprising the entire syllabus in Beauty and Spa Management.

The Domains That We Have Covered For This Specific Course and Training Are:

  • Aesthetics
  • Beauty care therapies
  • Technologies
  • Spa treatments
  • Financial management of beauty parlors and spas
  • Customer relations computer technologies in spas and resorts
  • Designing nutritious meal plans for spa clientele,
  • Devising marketing strategies for spas
  • Overall management of beauty parlors and spas.

Diploma in Beauty and Spa Management Examination

The examination for the Beauty & Spa Management Diploma will be taken by our experts who will review your skills, and that will help you to rectify your mistakes and will help you to become extraordinary at your work.

Here we have provisioned for diverse training customs and designated self-study hours and distinct modes of the final examination.

After your course, you will be well equipped to be a brilliant Spa or Salon manager, owner or counselor. Our expert panel here ISAS Beauty School is always ready to assist you in determining which the best-suited path is for you.

Duration: 9 Weeks

Course Content :


  • Beauty and Spa Terminology
  • Origin of Beauty Salon and Spa (History)
  • Hydrotherapy
  • The Four Cornerstones
  • Latest Technologies
  • Beauty, Spa and Wellness Industry
  • Latest Research
  • Beauty Salon and Spa Trends


  • Time Management
  • Analysing and Optimising Daily Bookings
  • Treatment Menu and Recipes
  • Beauty Salon and Spa Environmental Awareness
  • Water Management
  • Beauty Salon and Spa Daily Routine
  • Hygiene
  • The Importance of Front Office/Reception
  • Mystery Guest Reports
  • Types of Client Feedback
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • CIDESCO Beauty & Spa Management


  • Terminology and Job Descriptions
  • Laws, Rules and Regulations
  • Recruitment – Screening and Selection
  • Methods of Interviewing
  • Employment Process and Induction
  • Exit Interviews
  • Performance Appraisals


  • Daily Financial Responsibilities
  • Petty Cash
  • Target Management and Incentive


  • Planning and Starting the Business Plan
  • The Key to Business Success
  • The Business Plan
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