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Cidesco Diploma in Media Makeup

The Indian Beauty Industry is growing day by day in India, and overseas too, numerous commanding International companies are attempting to get the entry into the Indian Entertainment Market.

In another way around it can also see as the rapid entrance of influential international salon brands and leading cosmetic brands in Indian markets. It's all happening because of willing and expanding consumer base.


The international trends are in high demand and when we talk about looks and individual choice keeping all these practical things in mind we have designed this course. The changing market dynamics have reinforced the requirement for extremely skilled beauty professionals like:-

  • Makeup Artists,
  • Photographic Stylists,
  • Fashion Promotion Events,
  • Retail Cosmetic Sales,
  • Hair Stylists

And other relevant fields. This solely intended curriculum of Media Makeup, with various technical assistance from the highly skilled and well-renowned experts, allows a practical and theoretical knowledge, besides tutoring through advanced equipment and their utilization in the media industry through actual work and assignments, and various other projects. The course insists on absolute practical learning and practice in core areas of the field.

During The initial phase of Diploma in Media Make up, we will take you through the techniques and syllabus which has been set up by our experts by keeping in mind the foundation and creativity

In the next phase of this course, we will be covering the monochromatic style of makeup which includes:

  • Black and white photographic section,
  • Media makeup
  • Unisex hair styling,
  • Airbrushing
  • Fantasy

And celebrity makeup, parody and body painting, and You will also work alongside our professional media makeup artist; In the end, your whole work will be examined by our experts, and they will grade your work based on your skill set our experts will also guide you take the right path.



  • New trends in the industry
  • Makeup terminologies
  • History of Makeup & it's development
  • Makeup industry


  • Client psychology
  • How to work with models, artists, directors,Consumers
  • Professional conduct
  • Professional development

Operations & quality control

  • Hygiene (Personal & Professional)
  • Occupational health & safety
  • Makeup environmental awareness
  • Sanitization & sterilization

Beauty Syllabus

  • Face & body anatomy & physiology
  • Dermatology ‐ common diseases & disorders
  • Basic Cosmetic Chemistry
  • Product Knowledge & Skin care
  • Face & skin analysis for Makeup
  • Nail Manicure

PR Marketing

  • Customer sense
  • Public relation & marketing
  • Social media
  • Sales techniques
  • Retail
  • Commercial studies
  • Forms of business
  • Marketing techniques
  • How to select a premise for a MU practice
  • Layout of the MU practice
  • Financial consideration
ISAS is truly international by means of Learning Standards, Practical methodology, Protocols followed, Products used, Treatments taught & International & National placements.