Our Mission is to render the highest quality training services in the Beauty Domain at a competitive price and to elevate the beauty culture across the globe. Making ISAS a mark of Genuinely & trust and making a sincere effort to change people's lives

Masters Program In Cosmetology

Masters in Cosmetology, is a union of 8 different course being offered to the you. You get multiple certificates from ISAS and Cidesco Switzerland

Are you looking for a reliable and well-reputed institution to pursue a master’s program in Cosmetology? If yes, then ISAS Beauty School is a perfect place where you can carry your two-year postgraduate degree in Cosmetology in Pune Maharashtra. We have a great team of professors, staff members with well-equipped laboratories where you will be practically guided to various practices included in Cosmetology.

Cosmetology is a discipline that assists people to enhance their outlook and visual appearance; this can be accomplished using various techniques applied to the skin or body. A cosmetologist gets in-depth knowledge of cosmetics, beauty treatments, and nail & hair care. Master cosmetologists have further schooling and experience than general cosmetologists, comprises intelligence culled from programs in physiology, anatomy, and business administration. The master cosmetologist coaching courses customarily prepare scholars to take a state accrediting examination. At the postgraduate level, scholars will generally have some prior work experience in the concerned discipline and must recapitulate training education about new techniques & products within cosmetology.

A master’s degree is a PG program in a particular field of your interest that consequences in a high degree of expertise or skill set. Pursuing a Masters Program in Cosmetology provides you an acknowledged edge, proffering you an envied level of knowledge in your discipline. The PG Programs in Cosmetology is a fusion of eight different learning programs provided to you, including Diploma in Hair Designing, Diploma in Make-up, CIDESCO Beauty Therapy, Diploma in Spa therapies, Basic Course in Aesthetics, Permanent Nail Extension & Art, Salon Management, and Creative Course in Hair Designing.

Why Choose ISAS Beauty School

  • A great team of experienced and well-qualified professors and Teachers
  • Best equipped laboratories to practice training programs under the guidance of experts
  • Prepare scholars for entry-level employment in their specific area of interest
  • Develops habits of exquisite artistry and the orderly execution and completion of multiple operations in any of the working conditions

Duration: 2 Years

ISAS is truly international by means of Learning Standards, Practical methodology, Protocols followed, Products used, Treatments taught & International & National placements.