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Artistry Make Up

This is a sarcastic turn Makeup Course formulated and addressed by a few of the high-grade working Makeup Professionals in their field of interest. The course aims to offer scholars with in-depth understanding, skills, and the comprehensive knowledge needed for a building a bright career in the beauty industry as a keen hobbyist or as an Artistry Makeup expert. Certificate course in Artistry Makeup is a comprehensive & up-to-date course encompassing every perspective of Artistry Makeup.

The Artistry Makeup Course can be accessed in both regular classrooms as well as online mode. This course consists of 12 interactive assignments & 12 modules. The average time needed for the course completion is Eight to Twenty Four weeks, the duration of the course depends on you that of which standard course you wish to continue. No matter what period of course you choose, during this duration, you will be instructed in all perspectives and fundamental to advanced phases of Makeup Artistry the professionals here at ISAS Beauty School.

The Eminence of Artistry Makeup Certification Course

Antithetical to what utmost people think, there’s a considerable range of other things to being a makeup professional than just understanding the approaches to execute makeup operations very well. If you have fantasies of shifting it to the real peak in the career path of Artistry Makeup, a significant primary level would be accomplishing the certificate course in Artistry makeup. The beauty & the fashion industry is extensive, and as an enthusiastic makeup professional, it is essential to be a level up of the remaining.

The most straightforward path to getting a leg up in the makeup industry is to acquire knowledge from business experts and become accredited as a licensed professional. Just after the successful accomplishment of the certification in the concerned field of makeup and beauty, the paths for job opportunities in theatre, films, shows, photography, television, concerts, salons, and entrepreneurship turns out to be more easily accessible.

Course Content :

  • Art of Techniques in Application & Artistry
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Understanding Skin Types in Application
  • Prep & Prime Tutorial
  • Grading of Colors for Features
  • Eye Natural, To Fashion Techniques
  • Base Theory (Kryolon)
  • Product Theory
  • Understanding Features
  • Buffing Skin to natural finish

Duration: 2 Months

  • Makeup Tools:
    1. Sheer
    2. Day Self
    3. Nude / Wet
    4. Party
    5. Engagement
    6. Bridal
    7. Groom
    8. Reception
    9. Corrective
  • How to Clean Makeup


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