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Professional Make Up

Let's collaborate with us at ISAS Beauty School for specialized & advanced makeup course, which will catapult your career in Professional Makeup to the next level. Our professionals will help you in acquiring the in-demand makeup skills that are in trend for inspiring artists.

Who the Professional Make Up Course Is For?

This course is explicitly crafted for all acknowledged makeup artisans or interns who would wish to further improve & strengthen their understanding via Specialized & Advanced Professional Makeup Courses

  • Avant Garde Makeup
  • Body and Face Painting
  • Bridal and Professional Makeup

Career Possibilities after Professional Make Up Course

Professionally Trained in Professional Makeup

Be a specialist in avant-garde, theatre, thematic, TV commercial, operations photo shoot shows and events that are as of now in the industry trend.

The Opportunity of Getting Collaborated with Well Reputed Brands

Being a Certified Professional, you receive an access permit to operate with the well-reputed firms in the industry that you like the most. They require profoundly skilled specialists that can deliver perfection as a result.

Get Associated With the High Fashion Industry

With the qualified instructors & appropriate presentation networking, you can burst into the realm of the latest fashion that is in trend. Work with models & fashion designers to design looks that will transform captions & stimulate drifts beyond the world.

Outline of Professional Makeup Course

Professional Makeup Techniques & Knowledge

  • The trained practice of beauty cosmetic tools
  • Skincare knowledge and application
  • Interpreting bone structure & face shape
  • Application & Types of base
  • Eyebrow Theory & Reshaping
  • Contouring & Camouflage Makeup
  • Applications & Theory of complete eye features
  • Color theory & coordination
  • Double eyelid illusion & False lash application

Models of Bridal Makeup

  • Wedding couture makeup
  • Bridal evening makeup
  • Bridal day makeup
  • Fundamental techniques and tips on durable bridal makeup

Celebrity Bridal Makeup

  • Specialized bridal makeup along with a comprehensive understanding of its techniques and application in every wedding concourse.

Beauty Makeup

  • Color matching application
  • Restorative makeup techniques
  • Ethnic beauty makeup understanding and experience
  • Light smoky to dark smoky makeup.

Classical Makeup

  • History of age makeup & its utilization

Expert Face, Body Painting and Avant-Garde Makeup

  • Face painting and Cosmetic products awareness
  • Character Inspired/ Iconic Makeup
  • Chinese Opera Makeup Application

Course Content :

  • Flawless Skin with Base Application & Natural Finish
  • Tones for Different lights
  • Full coverage to natural finish
  • Shading, Contouring Techniques
  • Makeup Alignment
  • Long wear and Waterproof
  • Advance Eye Makeup

Duration: 1.5 Months

Makeup Tools:

  1. Portfolio
  2. Ramp
  3. Glossy
  4. Fantasy
  5. Character
  6. Retro
  7. Effects of Light on Makeup

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