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Nail Art

Personal grooming & appearance have turned out to be more critical than ever in the past. In the modern era of the personalization, everyone is on the picture. Every single person wishes to advance their personal perception, improve themselves & their spark in the stablest possible approach.

Grooming of feet & hands are an indispensable part of the personal image. Giving extra consideration to the improvement & care of feet, toenails, hands, and fingernails is imperative for a thoroughly groomed appearance. The market is growing for nail salons all around the globe which eventually results in increasing the demand for sharp nail artists with perfection in their work and a great piece of finishing.

As of now, there’s a massive requirement for various types of nail practices. Clients expect long-lasting, high-quality results. We’ll instruct you in the utmost up-to-date approaches such as Shellac & UV Gel nails. Both the application and discharge of Shellac & Gels require special careful attention & skills to support the uprightness of the natural nail. The professional trainers here at ISAS Beauty School help you in mastering all the basic to advanced Nail Art techniques. For over a decade we are offering the scholars available Nail Art Courses in Pune, Mumbai, and Ahmednagar.

Certification in Manicure and Pedicure

Very soon this course will include complete nail care of the feet & hands, comprising shaping, filing, cuticle work, & concerned massage. Certification in Nail Art is among the courses that contain both Manicure and Pedicure; scholars will also get the complete knowledge of professionally polishing the nail, consultations & contraindications. Aftercare advice is superimposed on this pedicure course as well as identifying nail & skin disorders, diseases, and infectious foot ailments. On achievement, you will also understand how to paint the nail correctly both in a French varnish finish & with natural colors.

Why Choose ISAS Beauty School

Team of Trained Professionals: We have a team of professional trainers and teachers that has years of expertise in the field of Nail Art, including Pedicure & Manicure

Supportive Environment: Not only the students but also the teachers are really very cooperative where you will never feel boring or helpless.

Success Guaranteed: In our years of service excellence we have offered guaranteed success by upscaling their skill set which eventually raises their demand in the market.

Quality Education: We genuinely imply all our efforts in offering quality education to the scholars who are under the supervision of nail art experts here at ISAS.

Course Content :

  • Nail Art
  • Floral design
  • Glitters
  • Stones
  • Color Combination

Duration: 7 Days

ISAS is truly international by means of Learning Standards, Practical methodology, Protocols followed, Products used, Treatments taught & International & National placements.