Our Mission is to render the highest quality training services in the Beauty Domain at a competitive price and to elevate the beauty culture across the globe. Making ISAS a mark of Genuinely & trust and making a sincere effort to change people's lives

CIDESCO – Post Graduation in Diploma in Beauty Therapy

To provide applicants the necessary learning to make them capable of working efficiently and productively in the world's best Spas and resorts all over the world. The main goal of this course is to provide candidates the best possible Spa training in the market.

PG Diploma in Beauty Therapy at ISAS beauty school, Students, goes through a program where we enhance their knowledge of beauty therapy what they have gained so far during their graduation and make them familiar with most advanced and trending techniques available in the industry today.

There are no restrictions on the number of students allowed to commence the course. Nevertheless, it should be noted that due to the complicated nature of specific Spa procedures, it will not be possible for us to have students more than the capacity of our classrooms and to participate in practical demonstrations at our salon centers. In this kind of cases, we segregate the learners into several groups to ensure every student gains the best out of our programs.

Spa Facilities at our Spa Training Centers - Dubai & UAE

At ISAS Beauty School we have state-of-the-art infrastructure which is recognized as one of the best in India. Facilities that we provide at our salons make the learning experience of the students pleasant & cozy. ISAS Beauty School facilities boost spa students for perfection in the respective field and encourage professionalism & positive vision toward this field.

  • Spacious spa centers,
  • International spa therapy,
  • Practical spa centers
  • Team of experts
  • Highly Advanced and Modern Equipment

All the above-listed facilities help students to understand the treatments thoroughly along with practical knowledge. The resources that we provide to our students contain materials that offer profound experience in spa treatments, our programs of body and beauty treatments promotes professionalism & overall improvements of our students.

Computerized workrooms and highly equipped spa centers to help students in their research and project activities as well.


At the end of the course The Assessment for the Post graduate Program Spa Therapy Diploma our experts review all the work done by students and asses based on their skills.

Duration: 1 Year

Course Content :

  • Natural Science—Chemistry & Physics
  • Elements, Compounds and Mixture Ph Scale
  • Electricity Effects on the Body
  • Knowledge and Understanding of Applicable Currents
  • Precautions in Use of Electricity
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Cells and Tissue Metabolism Body Systems Including Myology
  • Skin / Dermatology
  • Hygiene and First Aid
  • Public and Personal Hygiene, Microbiology / Bacteriology
  • Methods of Sanitization and Sterilization Infection / Cross Infection
  • Immunity, Health and Safety at Work
  • Aesthetic Treatments – Practical and Theory As Shown In Syllabus
  • Skin Care Consultation Treatment Procedures, Deep Cleansing
  • Facial Massage Mask Therapy
  • Facial Electro therapy including Galvanic Current, High Frequency
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (faradic Type) Micro Current
  • Body Analysis Body Massage, Body Therapy Manual Techniques
  • Body Electrical Treatments, Heat Treatments
  • Ultra Violet And Infrared, Light Therapy
  • Hair Removal
  • Ancillary Services – Eyebrow Shaping, Eyelash And Eyebrow Tinting
  • Bleaching Of Face And Body
  • Hair, Make-up
  • Manicure And Pedicure -nail Care And Foot Treatment
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Cosmetic Science (basic)
  • Cosmetic Surgery (basic General Knowledge)
  • Nutrition-diet professional Ethics Commercial Studies-business Studies
  • Additional/specialized Subject (practical And Theory) client Interaction Sessions
ISAS is truly international by means of Learning Standards, Practical methodology, Protocols followed, Products used, Treatments taught & International & National placements.