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Our Mission is to render the highest quality training services in the Beauty Domain at a competitive price and to elevate the beauty culture across the globe. Making ISAS a mark of Genuinely & trust and making a sincere effort to change people's lives

Basic Hair Dressing: 13 weeks

Making a career in hairdressing Industry is like any other tempting career option. Here you need to maintain the balance between experience and learning. Basic Hairdressing stylist program at ISAS International School of Beauty in Dubai & UAE is a well-designed program for ambitious hairdressers around the country. We have segregated this program into several stages, and each of its phases has its own Importance.

The ISAS Hairdressing program in Dubai & UAE is planned to teach the students very basics Hairdressing; It is not intended to teach any particular style of Hair Dressing to exercise as a hairdresser in some selective state or region.

This specific hair styling program is for those who desire to gain the overall knowledge of Hairdressing; this program has the edge over any other salon practices and learning in India. we all of us are all well aware that growing demand currently requires professional hairdressers who are either certified or have years of experience in order to work as a hairdresser so this course comprises everything that one needs to have to start his/her career as a hairdresser.

Some of the most impressive points of this program are:-

  • It gives a new direction to your profession as a hairdresser
  • Master the inner secrets of hairdressing in a few months, not in years!
  • Hairdressing course which is designed by the senior and experienced stylist of this profession
  • Save precious time and make the most out of this professional course.
  • Learn at your own pace and take assistance from the industry experts.

Hairdressing is the most popular career option that exceeds all the virtual cultural limitations. Hairdressing talent and expertise is something which is recognized universally. Over the last few years, this profession has gained popularity all across the world.

Apart from that chance to work in numerous Hairdressing career fields within the country, even you get the opportunity to travel across the world and work abroad in the equivalent capacity. Do contact us to flourish your career as a hairdresser.

Level 1 : Certificate Course in Hair Dressing

Duration: 7 Weeks

Course Content :

  • Introduction
  • Trichology, Hair Science & Types
  • Hair facts
  • Hair disorders
  • Hair distribution
  • Growth Cycle
  • Head Shapes
  • Face shapes
  • Facial geometry. Do's and don'ts
  • Hair Analysis
  • Hair loss & treatments
  • Hair Terminology
  • Client Consultation
  • Hair & Skin test
  • Client influencing features
  • Familiar with Equipment & usage of hair dryer,scissor, cutting comb, paddle brush, round brush, Iron, tongs, crimper, triple wave,thinning shears, razors, tail comb.
  • Techniques of Scissor holding & how to use different types of scissors.
  • Product knowledge Introducing different types of shampoos, conditioners, styling product, finishing Products, usage of heat activated products.
  • shampoo, conditioning theory.
  • Blow Dry Techniques
  • Demo & Practical's of shampoo, conditioning,usage of paddle brush & straight blow dry
  • Thermal setting ‐ Flat Irons ‐ Demo & Practical's
  • Thermal setting – tonging ‐ Demo & Practical's
  • Hair Cut ‐ One Length Cut ‐ Theory, Demo &Practical's
  • Hair Cut ‐ Forward Graduation Cut ‐ Theory,Demo & Practical's
  • Hair Cut ‐ Natural Inversion Cut ‐ Theory,Demo & Practical's
  • Hair Cut ‐ Square Layer Cut ‐ Theory, Demo &Practical's
  • Hair Color theory: ‐Law of color Primary, secondary,Territory color, complimentary color Level system
  • Hair Color Service Client consultation, Eye& Skinanalysis, Patch test, hydrogen peroxide, color selecting, mixing, application, procedure.
  • Hair Color ‐ Root Touch Up ‐ Theory, Demo &Practical's
  • Hair Color – Global Hair ‐ Theory, Demo & Practical's
  • Head Massage ‐ Theory, Demo & Practical's
  • Basic Hairstyling ‐ Braids of 2,3,4,5 strands High pony, low pony, Ponytail with puff, Ponytail with center parting, High Bun & Low Bun with Donuts

Level 2 : Certificate Course in Hair Dressing

Duration: 6 Weeks

Course Content :

  • Hair Cut – Diamond Haircut ‐ Theory, Diagram, Demo & Practical's
  • Hair Cut – Start Haircut ‐ Theory, Diagram, Demo &Practical's
  • Hair Cut – Round Layer Haircut ‐ Theory, Diagram, Demo & Practical's
  • Hair Cut – Gents Basic Haircut ‐ Theory, Diagram, Demo & Practical's
  • Hair Cut – Scissor Over Comb Haircut ‐ Theory, Diagram, Demo & Practical's
  • Demonstration of classic 9 section Highlights
  • Hair Straightening ‐ Theory, Demo & Practical's
  • Hair Spa ‐ Theory, Demo & Practical's
  • Hair Styling – Crimping & Triple Wave ‐ Demo & Practices
  • Hair Styling ‐ velcro setting & hot roller setting ‐ Demo & Practices
  • Hair Styling ‐ Braids butterfly, rope, 3 D, fish braid, French braid, Buns: Messy High bun, low bun, bun with puff, bun with or without donut, French roll.

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ISAS is truly international by means of Learning Standards, Practical methodology, Protocols followed, Products used, Treatments taught & International & National placements.